The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit
The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit

The Deluxe Advanced Cleaning Kit

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Searching for the ideal water-fed package to handle a variety of commercial tasks, both big and small? This Ultimate Commercial Kit includes everything you need to get the job done successfully. While comprised of over 15 thoughtfully selected tools, this package is designed to help you elevate your commercial waterfed cleaning game to the next level. 

What's Included? 

XERO Pure Max Plus

The XERO Pure Max Plus takes the original MAX to the next level with several key improvements. This system includes a sediment filter designed to catch large impurities in your source water and a chloramine filter that helps to extend the life of your RO membrane to last you for years of reliable, pure water.

The addition of a pressure gauge allows you to track the water pressure coming from the pre-filters as they reach the RO membranes. A bracket holds both the pre-filters and the larger DI cartridge. The unit supports a spacious 21-inch refillable DI cartridge, a significant upgrade from the standard 10-inch in the XERO Pure MAX. With twice the capacity, you'll enjoy prolonged usage before needing to replace the filters.

The XERO Pure MAX Plus produces 1 gallon per minute, letting you work on high windows or with two poles without a pump. This system also comes with a 12-year warranty from XERO against defects.

XERO M9 Water Fed Pole

The XERO M9 Water Fed pole features six hybrid sections that extend to 21 feet and collapses to 53 inches for convenient and easy storage. The pole's durability is enhanced by the sturdy clamps and the inclusion of an end-defender on the outermost section. Included with these poles are a hybrid brush, 30 feet of hose, and all the fittings you'll need to set it up. The XERO M9 is very easy to put together and hook up to your pure water system.

XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole

Achieve remarkable heights with the XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole. Crafted from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber, this pole is impressively lightweight, with the base 30-foot version weighing just 4.8 pounds. Adding Universal+ Extensions, each weighing 2.1 pounds, adds 10 feet to your pole with each so you can handle those higher jobs. With seven collapsible sections, the 30-foot pole can adapt to various window cleaning jobs. Durable clamps enable easy adjustment and secure extension placement, while the pole's end features a sturdy plastic defender. Select from 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 feet to best accommodate your specific commercial needs. Each pole includes ample hose and a Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush for efficient cleaning. This 12-inch brush has nylon and boars hair bristles for both easy gliding and rigorous scrubbing.

XERO Nylon Brush - 18 Inch 

The XERO Nylon Brush - 18 Inch is great for its exceptional gliding capabilities on glass surfaces. It's made with two lengths of nylon bristles tailored to meet your cleaning needs. The inner bristles are shorter, providing optimal scrubbing power while staying firmly on the glass, while the outer row of bristles is longer, allowing them to spread out and effectively reach window edges and corners. This XERO brush comes equipped with four powerful pencil jets to blast away dirt and grime. 

XERO Boar's Hair Brush - 18 Inch 

When faced with stubborn dirt that demands rigorous scrubbing, look no further than the XERO Boar's Hair Brush. This brush is crafted to combat tough grime using its all-natural Boar's Hair Bristles and offers you an enhanced cleaning experience. If you have windows that haven't received a good cleaning in quite some time, this tool is a must-have. Although the Boar's Hair Brush might not be your primary option for day-to-day cleaning due to its weight and tendency to accumulate dirt, you are sure to appreciate its effectiveness and end results.

XERO Hybrid Brush - 18 Inch 

The XERO Hybrid Brush fuses together a balanced combination of boar's hair and nylon bristles and features four powerful pencil jets. The internal bristles, composed of boar's hair, are intentionally kept shorter to ensure powerful scrubbing action and to dislodge and eradicate dirt and grime from glass surfaces effectively. In contrast, the external bristles, fashioned from nylon, have greater length, allowing them to spread out and facilitate a seamless gliding motion while also reaching nooks and corners of windows. 

XERO Portable Hose Reel Assembly - 150 Foot

These portable reels are compact and built to withstand heavy-duty use. They are designed to alleviate the burden of weight on your pure water system, enabling you to move it independently and for easy transportation. They feature rubberized feet that keep them securely in place, whether inside your truck or on the ground, while you are extending or retracting the hose.

They are equipped with a hose that has a 3/8 inch inner diameter and a 5/8 inch outer diameter. This high-quality hose is resistant to kinking and also has a maximum pressure rating of 300 PSI. Each reel is accompanied by a three-foot inlet hose, which is fitted with a female garden hose connector for convenient attachment to your purification system. The opposite end of the inlet hose is equipped with a male garden hose fitting, allowing easy connection to your water-fed pole.

Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar

Designed for 18-inch brushes, the Tucker Rinse Bar offers a great fit. This rinse bar easily mounts onto the brush block, for a steady stream of water over the brush surface. Made from plastic, it is a durable and practical add-on for your brush. Installing the rinse bar takes seconds. With this rinse bar, rinsing becomes a quick and effortless task.

XERO Contact Scrubber

With the XERO Contact Scrubber, agitating up dirt and grime becomes a simple task. This scrubber conveniently attaches to the angle adapter on your XERO Fast Lock, allowing you to flip your pole around and be ready for vigorous cleaning action. The complete contact scrubber includes the XERO Walnut Pad, designed to tackle stubborn and stuck-on spots. Constructed from crushed walnut shells, this pad offers the perfect balance between toughness for aggressive scrubbing for surfaces where scratching is a concern.

Exceed Uni-Valve

This on/off valve from Exceed is a user-friendly solution for controlling water flow to your brush. Installing and operating this valve is incredibly simple. The Uni-Valve securely fits into the #1 section of your water-fed pole. To activate the water flow, simply tug on the tubing located at the bottom of the pole. When you need to stop the water flow, tug on the tubing once again. The intuitive design of the Uni-Valve allows you to conserve water with ease.

XERO Extended Gooseneck

Get the angle you need on your waterfed pole to tackle deep sills or keep your pole from bouncing off the side of a building with the XERO Extended Gooseneck.This device comes with a euro tip already installed. However, to use it with your XERO Fast Lock System, remove the euro tip, and slide in your XERO Fast Lock adapter that was in your pole. With the inclusion of an anti-spin feature, your gooseneck will keep in alignment with the top section of your water-fed pole.

In this package, you'll receive three different-sized goosenecks, 12", 18", and 20". At a 45° angle, your pole is ready to thoroughly clean and reach past window ledges and keep your pole sections from hitting walls while fully extended.

XERO Ultra Valve

Effortlessly regulate water flow using the XERO Ultra Valve. With a swift twist of the lever, you gain the ability to start or stop the passage of water from your garden hose outlet into your 5/16" hose. This valve features a secure push-to-fit connection and is made from durable brass.

Whether it's needed for changing brushes or for interruptions during your cleaning process, this valve permits you to stop and start water flow easily.

XERO Fast Lock - Swivel Brush Attachment

The XERO Fast Lock - Swivel Brush Attachment connects your brush to your waterfed pole. It allows your brush to move in both horizontal and vertical directions while the swivel adapter smoothly glides from side to side. In addition to seamless and rapid maneuvers, this accessory also allows for quick and easy brush changes with just a click of a button.

XERO EZ Snap Quick Connect Set

This XERO EZ Snap Quick Connect Set is used to join 5/16" hoses together. It consists of a male and female fitting, has a 3/16" barb, and fits standard waterfed pole tubing.

XERO Pole Tip - Acme

The XERO Acme Pole Tip integrates into your conventional water-fed pole, similar to a Euro tip. However, when coupled with a wood cone adapter, it becomes capable of accommodating traditional window cleaning tools. 

Unger Threaded Wood Cone Adapter

Securely attach traditional tools to the tip of your pole using the Unger Threaded Wood Cone Adapter. This adapter has internal ACME threads to connect with the included XERO Acme Tip. The pressure fit of tools on the adapter holds them in place so you can securely clean as high as your pole can reach with your favorite traditional window cleaning tools. 

Replacement Filters

This kit contains a set of three XERO replacement filters. This includes the XERO Chloramine Reducing Filter - 2.5 x 10, designed to minimize chloramine and chlorine. The XERO Sediment Filter 5 Micron - 10 Inch will remove large sediments for approximately two months in your unit with regular use. Lastly, the kit includes a XERO DI Cartridge with Resin, which is both simple to install and can be refilled as needed. Have a spare ready to go on the job site so you just have to change a canister and not deal with loose resin in front of customers.

  • Great for commercial cleaning tasks
  • 12-year warranty on XERO Pure and XERO Poles
  • Contains these carefully selected tools:
  • XERO Pure Max Plus
  • XERO M9 Water Fed pole
  • XERO Destroyer Water-Fed Pole
  • XERO Nylon Brush - 18 Inch
  • XERO Boar's Hair Brush - 18 Inch 
  • XERO Hybrid Brush - 18 Inch
  • XERO Portable Hose Reel Assembly - 150 Foot
  • Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar
  • Tucker Alpha Scrubber - XL
  • XERO Contact Scrubber
  • Exceed Uni-Valve
  • Unger Threaded Wood Cone Adapter
  • XERO Extended Gooseneck
  • XERO Ultra Valve
  • XERO Fast Lock - Swivel Brush Attachment
  • XERO EZ Snap Quick Connect Set
  • XERO Pole Tip - Acme
  • XERO DI Cartridge with Resin - 21 Inch
  • XERO Chloramine Reducing Filter - 2.5 x 10
  • XERO Sediment Filter 5 Micron - 10 Inch


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First time customer. Very pleased with the entire experience. Recently started a small window cleaning biz. One large order & one small order. Both came fast & correct. Customer service & website navigation is great.

Cory Whipple
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Absolutely love this store, always my go to for window cleaning and more needs! Nearly 10k spent for my business in less than a year to start up, I’m too addicted 🤣

Nick Hussong
Los Angeles, CA

Five stars all around! This website is a gem for anyone in need of window cleaning supplies. Their selection is impressive, prices are competitive, and customer service is outstanding. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Chase Brown
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Quality equipment, great customer service, knowledgable sales reps and fast delivery. You can’t ask for anything else from a company. Great job!!! Thank you

Joe Maruna
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The website is awesome! Great, helpful information on all products. Wide verity of products. Great prices and free fast shipping with a free gift and notification of delivery! I will be a loyal customer for life with these guys!

Chris Haefer
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